With over three decades of experience in the computerized medical billing industry, and in alliance with software developers that represent a total of over 100 years of combined experience and thousands of users, Tele Comm provides very unique LEA Medi-Cal Billing choices.

LEA Medi-Cal Billing

Serving California Since 1997



Unlike most other medical billing companies, Tele Comm uses
TCXMED, our own highly sophisticated Practice Management and Medical Billing Software.  Tempered by over 33 years of experience in a wide variety of practices and specialties, and over 15 years of experience in LEA billing, our software is the right software to process LEA Medi-Cal Electronic Billing.  You can buy the software, rent the software, or have us use our software to do your billing.  The software can be configured server/client based or cloud based.

Unlike most other medical billing companies, our staff has many years of experience.  Whether you perform the billing yourself or have our staff bill for you, together we will accomplish the most important objective, which is to bill effectively. 
Our experience has taught us the proper approach to proficient and accurate billing.  We start by meeting the staff to explain everyone’s roll in achieving an environment where all resources are focused on efficiency.  We assist staff with methods for documenting student assessments and treatments that are workable for the staff, and produce the maximum benefit for billing.  We keep paperwork to a minimum with an electronic delivery system that reduces errors, increases accuracy, and eliminates unnecessary work.
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