LEA Medi-Cal Billing

Serving California Since 1997


Unlike most other medical billing companies, we have a 24/7/365 toll free support number that is answered in the United States by an English speaking employee of Tele Comm.

Unlike most other medical billing companies, we work with the Provider to build a customized coding schedule, and make coding tools readily available.  This insures the provider will be coding properly and receive correct reimbursement.

Unline most other medical billing companies, you will always have 24/7/365 access to your data, whether you choose purchase, rental, or billing the service.  Furthermore, there is no additional charge to move your data within the options of purchase, rental, or billing service.  Also, you can have server/client or cloud access with any configuration.

Need more information on LEA Medi-Cal Billing?
If you are not currently performing LEA Billing, Tele Comm can help you set up your system.  Click HERE to link to the California Health Services LEA information page.  Click HERE for the LEA Provider Manual.  Click HERE for the LEA Glossary of Terms.  Click HERE for LEA Training material.  Click HERE for LEA Billing NEWSLETTERS.

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